Decorating my home

From: His other half

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Ever wish you could go in a store and find exactly what you had in mind? Exactly what would fit perfectly in that spot on your fireplace mantel? Something that fit the picture in your head precisely?

I have stood in the store and realized that no matter how much money I had in my pocket there isn’t anything I could buy that would work.  Then my husband started turning wood and became really good at it. It is so exciting to be able to special order bowls, candle stands, and other decorative pieces for my home.

I give him a general description of what I want and what type of wood and he makes beautiful pieces. The best part is that they come out even nicer than I had imagined.  I love the contrast of the different wood colors and I love how he knows how to bring out the natural beauty of the wood to enhance the piece.

Then I get wonderful pieces like this…

… and this: