My wood working photo shop

One of the great challenges of having a small workshop is figuring out where to put everything and where to get things done.  My latest issue was due to one of the requirements of selling on Etsy, taking a great picture of what you are selling!  I experimented with out-door settings but the sun was too unpredictable and it was very hard to take pictures after the kids went to bed.  I then realised that the best lighting in my home was in my workshop right above my lathe!  It isn’t perfect but I think the pictures look pretty good.

My professional photo shoot

Staging: I had seen some pictures on Etsy where it looked like they had a used a drop cloth to add texture and slight color.  I figured I have a nice old drop cloth that would work just right.  I was trying to work out a style and brand for my work so I added a faded swirl to tie in all of my pictures.

One down side to using my lathe for photo shoots is that I have to completely pack up my wood working to make room.  It forces me to do batches of photos, but it works!

The End Result