Approach to wood turning

Seems like a lot of wood turners make similar looking bowls.  There are only so many ways to shape a bowl and have it be useable in the end.  Most of the wood I have access to isn’t really large enough to produce a highly functioning bowl so I enjoy perfecting my skills on small artistic pieces.  I am still fairly new to wood-turning and am always learning new things.  I have fun just letting the wood lead the shape and not worry about the functionality of the piece.  I have had a great time making candle sticks, bowls, ornaments and goblets to refine my technique.  I love getting feedback from others and being challenged to try new things. If I’m not a little nervous when turning something then I am not pushing myself to get better.  If something doesn’t end up working out I have 2 kids that love to play with the rejects.  It is great having a source for bowls that is always over joyed to get something new to play with!

As always, thank you for visiting my blog and I would love to hear from you.  I love getting feedback and improving my work.