Drive spur review

I have learned a lot about tools since starting to turn word.  I have slowly gotten nicer tools and have been blown away by the difference a good tool can make.  One of the pieces that I was really surprised by was my new spur drive.

Spring loaded center spur vs. stock spur drive

The spring-loaded center is a great addition that makes it much safer and easier to use!  With the spring-loaded center if anything goes wrong it disengages the wood from the drive and limits the damage done to you and the piece.  It is also a benefit that you don’t have to pre drill a hole for the center to make sure the spurs make contact with the wood.  This spur drive came in a kit with 6 different spur attachments to accomidate different sizes of wood which has come in handy a bunch.

I have slowly learned that the equipment that comes with your lathe aren’t the best to continue using but they are enough to get you by.