Great tooling find

I didn’t really know what to expect when I ordered a cheap tool from Amazon but it was under $15 and had free shipping so I knew I couldn’t go too wrong.  I had read a few reviews of it and it was mostly positive.  I thought I had a clue how to use the ring cutter so I gave it a shot.  At first I was successful in bashing my knuckles repeatedly and taking large chunks out of my bowls.  Its was a lot harder than I expected!  I was watching some YouTube videos on hollowing out bowls and one of the tools they used was the very same ring tool that I had pretty much given up on.  They were going all out carving out wood with great success.  I noticed that they were holding the cutting edge at an angle to the wood and were sweeping it side to side. 

I have since spent a lot of time experimenting with this tool and while it is still one of the more scary tools that I use it also produces the best surface finish inside my bowls.  One of the things I love about this tools is that you can work to the left or the right of the center of the bowls.  It is really easy to eliminate any nubs that are left by other tools.  The technique that first eluded me was that I couldn’t hold the cutting edge square to the cutting surface.  You have to sweep down and to the left when hollowing out a bowl while always adjusting the angle of the cutting ring to balance between not cutting at all and cutting too aggressively. 

The ring tool cutting out the middle of a bowl This is a link to a similar tool on Amazon.  I was unable to find the tool on Amazon or Ebay when I looked again.


I also looked for the video on YouTube showing how to use it but didn’t have any luck there either.


A safer angle to hold the tool at

Considering how cheap this tool was originally, how useful it is, it has two cutting edges to allow you to get into varying spots and it has a great sturdy handle I think this is a great tool for almost any hollowing application.  As in all wood lathe tools angle is everything!  Thank you for taking a look at my blog.