New and improved light box

Well, since my last post I have sold my first 2 bowls on Etsy and I am pumped.  My wife was looking into other sites and suggested that I figure out how to take more professional looking pictures.  To this end I have decided to build my own high quaility light box to allow me to take pictures with better lighting and less distracting backgrounds.  I searched the internet and saw how to make a light box out of a cardboard box.  I figured if a box is good enough surely I can build something that I can be proud of!  I spent a few hours on the lathe and made a nice wooden frame that is doweled in place so if I really needed to I could take it apart later on.  I also took a quick photo just to see how it might turn out.  The next thing to figure out is how to light it to get the best natural look.  So far I think it looks great!