new light box, part 2

Inside view of the light box. Nothing too fance but it seems to work.

With a lot of help from my loving wife I now have finished my new light box.  In the end all it cost me was 2 new work lights and 4 new light bulbs.  The nice thing is that I can use those anywhere in the house for other projects.  I realised after it was finished that I can clip the lights to the frame of the box and not have to worry about finding something exteral to clip to, very handy.  I love how my new Etsy pictures are turning out and how much easier it is to correct the color tints.  All I have to do now is say that the backgroud is supposed to be white and poof, the bowl looks perfect!

The finished light box setup

Another nice thing about have a light box is that it is portable.  I am no longer stuck having to set up the camera and backdrops on top of my lathe.  If I want to hang out with my wife in the evenings and process a bunch of recently finished wooden bowls I can take everything upstairs and set up on the dining room table.

I still have a few things that I need to figure out, the main thing being the best material to have as the background.  Right now I am using a thick butcher paper but it gets dirty very easily.  I think trial and error is going to be the best path forward for that.  Thank you for taking a look.

The light box in action, I think I almost get a tan when I use it