Final wood finishing

It doesn’t really matter how great the shape of an end product is if the finish look dull or rough.  Sanding can only get you so far towards getting a great surface feel.  I have tried buffing my bowls and that helps but it’s a lot of work and doesn’t always work.  I had read in a magazine that you should burnish your project once your done.  They didn’t really explain what that meant so I just guessed!  At first I tried a sturdy piece of leather and that generated a lot of heat but did give a decent finish.  I know from previous experiences that wood is very abrasive by itself so wood shavings should work as sanding agent.  If you take a hand full of shavings and press it against the wood surface you can generate a nice shiny surface.  It doesn’t remove tooling marks or shape the wood at all but it gives it a smoothy silky finish.  I use the leather scrap to hold the shavings in place better and protect my hands from the heat.

Smooth but not smooth enough

A little bit more polished