Making Christmas ornaments

Last year I started turning ornaments for friends and family and everyone really liked them.  So after Christmas I started making more for this year.  Over the past year I have tried out a lot of different styles and have gotten a lot better at making great looking wooden ornaments that should last for years.  Below is a simple guide to how I go about making my ornaments.  I have used a lot of pin blanks for the main body of the ornament.  Once it is rounded a mark off where the top section will be and then where the body will be pressed into the ball.  I like to use a 3/8″ wrench to gage the diameter of the middle section and the top section that I will end up drilling a hole in.  Once I have the middle section sized I can go ahead and be as creative as I want with the rest of the body.  After final sanding and parting off the tip of the ornament I take the ornament to the band saw to cut it in half.  The ball itself is simple as well.  I drill a 3/8″ hole on the lathe and then shape the ball as desired.  After parting of the ball I but a chamfer on the through hole.  I line of the grain of the body and press the two halves into the ball.  I drill a 1/8″ hole in the top of the ornament to hold a ribbon or hook and then spray a clear enamel over the entire ornament.  Simple enough, Thanks for reading.