A Wonderful Community on Etsy

Blogging has been new to us and I have been going around reading other blogs. What a great experience that has been. Even beyond the creative and beauty that is out there it is the people that fascinate me. It is so easy to watch the Evening News and see the horror out there. We live near a pretty big city and the news leads with all of the shootings. I don’t want to dwell on that here. I want to dwell on the wonderful people I have “met” on their blogs. Amazingly sweet people who take time to promote other people’s Blogs and Etsy shops. What a great time I have had. I mainly read the blog of fellow Etsians. They not only promote other shops, but they have great shops of their own. I thought I would share some of the blogs with you here today.

The first I want to highlight is the Hot Glue Hangover, after a name like that it has to be good!  http://www.thehotgluehangover.com/

Or check out their shop:

The Hot Glue Hangover

Click to go to their shop

Also there is a fabulous blog Called Raziela’s Rant http://razieladesigns.blogspot.com/

And do check out their wonderful Etsy Shop too!

Click to go to Raziela’s Designs on Etsy