Always on the hunt

I have to imagine that like many artists I am always on the hunt for material. It doesn’t matter if I am on vacation talking with friends over a dinner or driving down the road looking at fallen trees. I have to believe that it is worse than someone who has a wood furnace and is always looking for fuel. For me I am looking for “nice” usable wood to turn into master pieces. It has changed how I look at forests and how I go on walks through the park. It has even warped how my kids view the world. Case and point, my 5 year old son was walking through the zoo and pointed out some trees next to the kangaroos. He said, “look at those trees dad, I bet they would make some nice bowls”. I have to imagine that painters are always looking at the world for their next inspiration. Crafters are always looking for the next idea to try out, can anyone say Pintrest? The fun comes when people know that you turn wood and let you know when they see some great piece of wood. I was in the store last week and my next door neighbor walked up to me and let me know of a recently cut down tree he saw while on a bike ride. It makes me feel like my little hobby is bigger than myself and has allowed me to connect with people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Very cool.