Why do you blog?

I still feel fairly new to blogging and have yet to master it as a communication tool. I have friends that almost make a living doing it. I blog for several reasons, it lets people who are looking at my work on Etsy get a behind the scenes look into how I make things. Its a good diary of sorts so that I remember how I made something a year ago. It is also a way I hope to interact with a broader pool of people and learn from them. Everyone that I have corresponded with through this blog have been super positive and helpful.
That brings me to the title of this post. Why do you blog? Do you do it for fun or for profit? Do you have ideas and designs that you just can’t help but share with the world? Are you mainly a person who reads other’s ideas and comments? Does it break down barriers across oceans or just fences? I know this makes blogging sound like somthing great and powerful but, I’m sure it can be. What do you think?