Cleaning out the shop

It finally dropped below 100 degrees outside and I was happy to be able to throw open the sliding door in my work shop and enjoy the breeze for a change. An added benefit of the door being open is I can clean my workshop without choking on the saw dust that I kick up. For me its very therapeutic to disassemble a section of my work space, get rid of the junk I have been holding onto and get rid of the piles of sawdust that seem to build up very quickly! It gives me a great chance to reevaluate how ergonomic my setup is and if my most common tools are the ones that are easiest to get to. I think my kids like the mess because it gives them a chance to build stuff out of my scrap lumber that is normally stacked nicely in the corner. Even though the shavings free look only lasted about 2 hours (before I made my next bowl) it looked nice while it lasted.

I spent most of my time cleaning off the work table surface and trying to maximize what little space I have

This is where most of the magic happens, Or at least where the mess begins

I do enjoy having a work area that I can be proud of.

all of the mess originates!