The internet saves the day again!

I have been having a lot of trouble lately getting my chainsaw to start. My usual approach has been to keep trying until my shoulder hurt for several days after. I have been trying to get it going for several weeks with no luck. Finally I decided to tear it apart and blindly trouble shoot. That consisted of cleaning all the sawdust out of the saw and looking for anything obvious. I noticed that it was spraying gas vapor out the exhaust whenever I pulled the cord so I figured gas was not the problem. I wasn’t getting any spark and did have a clue why. I figured there was no way I was gong to be able to fix that so I was resigned to go to a small engine repair shop to see if the saw could be saved. As a last ditch effort I looked on the computer for chainsaw repair, read through one site and saw hope. I cleaned the contact surfaces between the flywheel and the starter control box and first pull the chainsaw started. Its amazing what you can do with a little bit of direction and time! The saw works better than it has in years and no costly repair bills. Look out trees here I come!