Osage Orange, pretty cool!

I have worked a little bit with Osage orange wood in the past but only as a purchased chunk of wood.  Several weeks ago I was clearing away some of the underbrush surrounding a fallen tree and cut through a bright yellow branch.  It looked pretty cool to me so I thought I would take a chuck and give it a spin to see what it would look like.  Osage orange is a very hard wood that is great to work with and easily takes on a wonderfule shine.  I have been making a bunch of Christmas ornaments out of it lately because I can get much thinner without worrying about it snapping on me.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/StoneCreekTurnings?section_id=10265282 (Link showing some of the ornaments I have made with varying woods)  As you can see from the picture below it is impossible to really judge a chuck of wood by outside appearance.

From old grey log to shine yellow ornament!