Workshop upgrade

For Christmas I recieved a fantastic planer from my parents, only problem was that I had no where to put it and it was too heavy to easily move it around.  This led me to tear apart my work shop and rethink how I wanted it laid out.  It was rough having my work area out of commision for over a week but it was a great way to spend some time with my dad over the Christmas break.

First thing I needed was a mobile base to mount the planer to.  My shop was to small to be able to have a permenant spot for it, especially when the material support tables are folded down.  I was going to try building a rolling table but my dad talked me into using the bottom section of a rolling tool box instead.  Very sturdy and solved a bunch of my storage issues! I had to chop my work surface down to make room but I think it was very worth it.  More on my lathe table improvments tomorrow!