Workshop upgrade part 2

I’ve used the same lathe stand for over 3 years and I’ve gotten by.  The main short comings that I have found are: The joints aren’t strong enough so the top is able to sway a little bit, the table is a lot longer than it needs to be, the wood that I use for weight is able to shift around and isn’t really solid enough, I have to pull the lathe out from the wall so the light isn’t right in my face, and the holes I drilled for the tools are always getting filled up with saw dust.








I finally got fed up enough that I came up with a solution that fixes all of those problems!

IMG_0098I made the table long enough to fit the lathe and not a whole lot extra.  I was able to run the top through my planer after it was glued and screwed together to get a really smooth surface that is easy to clean up.  I have a tool holder on each side of the lathe so now I have room for more tools and I can find them.  I used the area between the side legs as a frame to hold a solid cement chunk.  I put several nails sticking towards the inside of the legs and  a backer board on to produce a mold for the cement.  All I had to do was tip the table on its side and pour about one full bag of cement into each side.  It works great, looks clean and allows me to turn unbalanced much without so much vibration.  I also had to make the lower shelf thinner and moved the light to the top shelf.  This allowed me to have the lathe closer to the wall while I am working and have the light at a safer distance from the lathe (in the 2 years or so that I have had that light there I have only broken it once, and that was more than enough).  As an added benefit I can also fit a large tote under the lathe to catch and hold a lot of the shavings.  Before I would have to sweep up all the shavings and fill up 5 gallon buckets.  When you are doing larger bowls those buckets fill up really fast and I would run out of room.  I am still trying to figure out a low-cost dust collection system that will have the ability to connect to several pieces of equipment that I have and look professional, more to come on that I am sure.  All and all it was tough not being able to turn anything for over a week while I rebuilt my workshop but I really like how well it works now.