Wooden treasure

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently found a great spot to get lots of wood from.  Up until now I have had to do all the work of finding a fallen tree, cutting it up and hauling it out of the woods and to my backyard.  What I got from that is small diameter chunks that often had started to decay or had too much insect damage.  While I think insect activity can look really cool some times it is nice to have a large chunk of clean wood that you can turn without too much worry of what you will run into along the way.  With the wood shown below I can now let the tree service company do all the hard work for me!  They cut it into manageable chunks and dump them in large piles so I can pull up with my car and take the pieces that I like.  So far I have tried out to batches of wood that I retrieved from this location.  The first appears to be an oak with a lot of extra dark rings and some sycamore.  I am going to let the oak dry longer because the grain seems to separate easily after I do a rough cut.  The sycamore cut very easily and so far I have made 6 bowls of different sizes and have let them warp as they dry.  I like the interesting shapes it produces as it dries and after final sanding I think they will make a great statement.  If you can find a spot were a tree service dumps all the wood that they remove I would recommend it to any one.  It has allowed me to make much larger pieces without the worry of including too much of the pith.