Trophy fit for a champ

I always like trying new things and make things for someone else.  I was asked if I could make a trophy for the church’s fantasy football league.  I have never made anything even close but it didn’t sound too hard!  On paper it looked easy!


I wanted to try to make it a stacked 8 sided base with a turned football an top.


I started by making the bottom ring and then sizing the next accordingly.

I knew the hardest part of this project was going to be making a realistic shaped football!  I had read in a magazine that if you put a light above your lathe and have the shape of whatever under the spinning piece.  As the spinning object gets closer to the desired shape the shadow it casts will start to match the shape underneath.  The magazine made it look easy but I think I missed a few of the finer details!


I had to abandon the light idea and just wing it, thankfully I thing it turned out ok.  I turned out a cool looking pedestal to hold the football in place.


Glueing everything together went much smoother than I expected and after a quick spray on clear coat everything looked great.  Now it is ready for name plates to be added around the base.  The great thing is that once the base is filled up in about 16 years you can simply add another ring onto the bottom!  DSCN3194