The gift of wood

I visited my family in Michigan a couple of weeks ago and before I left my uncle told me to stop by because he has some wood for me.  In the past he had given me several really nice pieces of black walnut so I was excited.  When I arrived I was very surprised by the amount and the quality of all of the wood he had waiting for me.  Lots of very nice wood flooring and several really nice planks of black walnut.  I couldn’t even shut the back of me jeep because it was filled!

IMG_0300The hard part was then trying to figure out how to get as much of it in my car with a week’s worth of stuff to support a family of four for the 12 hour drive home.  Thankfully you can sneak board in just about everywhere.  I’m also thankful that my kids legs are still short because they lost about 6″ of leg room and they didn’t notice.  This is how much I was able to bring home, the rest will slowly find its way over the next year or so.

DSCN4004I have already been busy cutting the flooring to size, planing it down to get rid of the expansion slots and I started glueing it together this evening.  The next step will be to pass it through the planer again so it is all the same thickness and then cut it into circles that and can glue together and make lament bowls out of; this wood could keep me out of trouble for a very long time!  I have also made 4 picture frames from the thinner pieces already and I can make a lot very nice Christmas ornaments from it as well if the mode strikes me to do so.

DSCN4008Fun, fun, fun.