Look Mom, I still have all of my fingers!

My bandsaw isn’t large enough to cut my blanks round so I pretty much have to use my chainsaw to do it.  My biggest problem as always been cutting the corners off.  I can’t really hold the log with one hand and hold my electric chainsaw with the other, not really the safest option!  I wanted something quick and easy to clamp down and easy to release, O and cheap to.  Here is what I came up with.


The U frame slides up and down and the main arm is hinged so it can swing out of the way easily.  There are 5 screws on the end of the arm that hold the wood in place after I wack it with a hammer.  After the first few cut I would say it worked well.  I was able to cut off both corners without having to fight the wood to keep it in place.


Here is another example of how I put it through its paces.


Improvement ideas after the fact:  The blocks nailed to the bed allowed a snug slide when I first assembled it, then it rained and the wood swelled.  Now it is a press fit.  I would also add several blocks under the end with the screws to there would be more clearance for cutting 4 corners without having to move anything.  It would be really cool if there was a way to hold the arm down during cutting so vibration wouldn’t loosen the screws.