More bowls, less wood

I had seen several articles explaining how to take two planks and cut them on a bandsaw, glue them together and make a bowl out of them.  I didn’t feel like trying to tilt the bed of my bandsaw or mess with trying to attach the rings.  So I tried this.


I cut a circle out of two pieces of wood and put each on the lathe.  I simply used one of my small cutoff at a 45 degree angle.  I taped the rings up and out-of-the-way so I never had to take anything off the lathe.  I didn’t bother doing any measurements to determine where I would need to cut so on some of the rings I will need to combine 3 pieces of wood to get a bowl with proper wall thickness.  Before I grabbed onto the bottom to begin turning a held onto the rim to true up the base.


I think the final product turned out pretty good, it sold right away so someone must have agreed.