Before and after, again

Whenever I see a great turned bowl I wonder what the artist first saw in the piece of wood that drew them to it. The more I turn wood the better I have gotten, I hope, at seeing the potential of a log sitting on top of a mound of other seemingly equal logs. On one of my recent trips to a tree service’s dump pile I saw several logs that looked to have some dark and light coloring as well as a bit of spalting. I threw several chucks in my car and went home to prep them for turning.  The picture below shows a bit of what the uncut logs looked like and the fantastic coloring I found as I was cutting into it.  On a side note, I went back 2 days later to see if I could find any extra and someone else had taken it all home, probably for firewood.

IMG_0879IMG_0880This is the first chuck that I attempted to turn; there were a ton of colors streaking through it!

As I am sure is the case with many found pieces of wood, anything close to the center of the log had very weak grain strength and chipped off.  I microwaved the bowl repeatedly to dry it out and then coated it in mineral oil and sprayed it with a clear polyurethane coating.  The finished bowl is shown below.  Very different from what I expected, but fantastic just the same.