Exotic woods, easy on the eyes, hard on the lungs

I don’t normally work with any purchased exotic woods, but as the winter drags on I am running out of wood that I have cut myself. I decided to turn a kiln dried 3x6x6″ piece of Timborana. First of all when you are used to cutting wood that still has a lot of moisture in it, you get used to large shavings flying from the lathe. With kiln dried wood you get small shavings and a lot of dust. I tried working with my dust collector off so I could hear the kids playing in the next room but I quickly figured out that was a bad idea. It turns out Timborana dust is killer on the nasal passages!  Its times like this where I am glad to have a very capable dust collector.  While still slightly irritating to sand and finish, the final product was worth it in my mind, and my wife liked it so win-win.

Turned wooden Timborana bowl

Turned wooden Timborana bowl

No matter what size shop you have, if you are going to use a lathe make sure you collect the dust somehow.

My shop's dust collecting masterpiece

My shop’s dust collecting masterpiece